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 Address:  Calea Giulesti 177, sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania


 Payment conditions:


   All the prices from this site do not include VAT

   All orders of small stuff should be payed first and after that will be delivered to courier.

   Transportation price is not included and is different from country to country.

   For this reason, it is good to launch a pre-order to find the best transport option.


   For big projects, because the products are custom unique products, a payment of  minimum 50% should be made in advance, for partial covering the material costs


   About us:

  As you already know, we are direct producers, everything is made in our factory without any external "collaboration".        

  All our products are made with high quality materials and a lot of passion and care.

  We never propose to be one of the cheapest suppliers, because all cheap products come with hidden issues which appear at the worst time possible.

  We propose to offer a very good quality at a reasonable price.


Areas of activity:   

 Interior furniture production  


 The interior furniture in all its variants, respectively:

  - solid wood (oak, beech, pine, spruce, fir, etc.)

  - from MDF, the painted, varnished and polished versions.

  - metal - wood - plastic combined furniture (steel or aluminum structures combined with wood or chipboard)

  - furniture made of laminated materials (PAL)


    All production of furniture specific to casinos

    All production of decorations specific to TV studios, cinematography, video.


    Fairs and exhibitions: Construction and decoration of exhibition stands, promotion of your image during fairs and exhibitions.


   Production of outdoor furniture


Furniture specific to restaurant terraces made especially of metal structures and water-resistant treated wood.


   Outdoor advertising production (outdoor signs):


consisting of:

volumetric letters (block letters) illuminated with LED, neon tubes known as spectral tubes; volumetric letters in brass, plexiglass, forex, aluminum, tin; light boxes and advertising panels; larger but also small and high-resolution banners; full color digital prints on stickers, banners, directly on plexiglass or forex; cutting of stickers for shop window inscriptions, car decoration, etc.


   Indoor advertising production (indoor signs):


furniture, dedicated furniture, interior fittings, partitions, cabinets and lighting systems, engravings, promotional materials; plexiglass furniture; barchets and different displays of goods made of plastic, stainless steel, brass, cardboard; prolite (prolight) also known as edge light system that consists in illuminating the edge of an etched plexiglass, a fact that leads to the formation of a luminous halo in the etched area.



   Planning and design:


Our planning and design department can provide the design for all the previously presented products, but also many other services such as: 

  - graphic design and design of emblems and logos

  - furniture design  

  - cartoons and animations for presentations


   Video production:


  Making videos starting from the script, story board, editing, including subtitles in several languages specific to the DVD system, generic, transcoding, image processing in order to remove background noise and distortions, both video and audio, improving quality in general.


  Product promotion:


Planning events for product promotion with signage and decoration

- decoration with the occasion of certain events (Christmas holidays, feasts, social events),

- promotion at fairs and exhibitions, including the construction and decorating the stands, as well as promotion strategies including media, street and transit strategies.